Real Transparency

This morning I was in bed {like, not still in bed, I had already done Focus T25 that morning. At least I can do some things right!} reading all your comments and basking in the glow of touching women. It feels good. Although I was a little worried about what God was going to use to knock me down a notch and remind me that those were His words flowing through me. You know, to keep me from getting a big head.

I started thinking about how many of my girls were thankful for my transparency. To be honest, it wasn’t difficult for me at all. I’ve always been an open and honest person. To the point of over-sharing. So writing that post was still inside my comfort zone.

Which got me thinking… what could I share that would truly be difficult for me?

I looked around my bedroom.

My ridiculously messy, cluttered, practically unlivable bedroom. That I had been debating back and forth about when it should get cleaned… now? After some work? It certainly needs to get done. I’ve been meaning to do it for days, instead of letting it all pile up… I was ticked at myself, as usual.

But what if I shared a picture? To which I scoffed {inside my head, of course}. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to get outside my comfort zone and show you just how messy life truly is.

PicMonkey Collage13

PicMonkey Collage14

And do you know what happened? As I sit here looking through the photos… it’s not so bad. And it’s not such a big deal. But it felt like a huge deal 20 minutes ago when I was sitting in my bed. It felt like I would be showing you some deep dark secret that no one would be able to believe. {Well, some of you neat freaks may be there… I know Grandma Jan is cringing, it’s the only room in the house she can’t get to! =) } But that wasn’t even true. Yes, clutter can keep you from feeling relaxed and there are definitely positives to a clean house. But there I was, with my buddy playing on the bed next to me, with PBS on the TV, enjoying a glorious Thursday morning I am blessed to have. Messy bedroom be damned. And that voice that is telling me I can’t enjoy this moment just because my bedroom is in utter chaos is telling me a lie!

Aha! Maybe, just maybe, I am starting to get this thing called life and motherhood down. Little by little, Thursday morning Aha! moment by Thursday morning Aha! moment.

I think I’m going to let my mess pile up for another day. 

Enjoy your day everyone! Be joyful and at peace, no matter what you have hiding in your closet. If you have any messy room pictures, feel free to send them my way! =)


2013-12-12 09.38.151

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