The Next Time I Have the Urge to Sell My Child on Craigslist…

The next time Harrison has completely destroyed my very last nerve…

Please dear Lord remind me of how amazingly sweet he can be. How proud I am of him. Of the time he came into my room, looked me square in the eye, and said “I just wanted to say thank you for that big space ship thingy.”

His brother’s birthday gift.

That I got at Goodwill.

For $3.99.

Bring to my mind his innocent, sweet desire to buy me something for Christmas because “that’s how you show people you love them” {And also to remind me again to be sure I’m stressing the real importance of Christmas… =) }

Remind me of how precious those little boys are. How nearly perfect their relationship together is, that one child can come days later and thank me for his brother’s birthday present.

Remind me of how much they just desire my love. And want to feel special. And that it doesn’t take lavish expensive gifts to please them and show them that I know who they are and what they enjoy.

$3.99 Goodwill gifts will do.

Make those moments stand out 10 times more in my mind, my memories, and my life focus, than all those tantrums and struggles of daily life as a mother.

Give me compassion for these precious souls. Perspective. Forgiveness for their imperfections. Wisdom to respond to their needs appropriately. A love strong enough to push through the hard times. And mostly, help me not to go through with selling them on Craigslist.




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