The Road to Contentment

the road to contentment

Oh friends.

I had a rough day yesterday. For no real exact reason, just a combination plate of all the crap I have going on in my life. I used them all as an excuse to act nasty. I ignored my kids. I literally forgot all about my sons speech. I was mean to my mom. I bailed on my friends. I didn’t spend even one minute with God.

And then the night ended with my four-year-old pooping in his pants for the first time in weeks right before bedtime.

Happy, happy, joy, joy. Where are you? Why does it seem like every day that one thing goes wrong, the whole day just topples over on itself and I lose my peace? And where do I find it?

I turned on my podcasts this morning, knowing I needed a word from God. I am desperate to make better choices today.

Can you guess what good old Joyce was preaching on? Contentment. The power of contentment.

Even when my life feels downright ugly I can still be content. Through the difficulty of raising children. Through the not so pleasant moments of living with my parents. Through the seemingly endless appointments I’ve been putting off forever that now are all condensed into these 3 weeks. Through the tears.

It’s a lesson I’ve been relearning for years now- and I’m guessing this won’t be the last time. It sure would be a heck of a lot easier if I would just live it out day to day rather than have to have such awful days to get me to come back around again.

I’m gonna call this blog series The Road to Contentment. There will be posts to follow. There’s so much awesome content I can’t even fit it into one post. A lot of it is adapted from my notes from Joyce’s sermon. Some of these thoughts are mine, some are hers. To hear her message find her Enjoying Everyday Life TV Podcast- The Power of Contentment pt 1 and pt 2.

To be content doesn’t mean there’s nothing else you want. It just means that you’re totally satisfied where you’re at right now on the way to where you’re going. Enjoy where you’re at while you’re waiting.

Isn’t it so true that we live our lives wanting the next best thing? Never being satisfied with our current situation. I am more guilty of this than probably any of you, so as Joyce says, I’m going to just preach to myself and if you all gain anything from it, so the better.

If I just had a husband to partner with, I could be happy. Because then I could have more babies. And my life could truly be fulfilled. I hate to even say that thats a lie because my flesh just screams back with excuse after excuse… Wanting to be married is a great goal, theres nothing wrong with wanting that. Having more children is truly a maternal instinct I can hardly control.

But the real truth is, turning my want of these things into a lustful desire, is robbing my current days of their joy. Every moment I spend thinking “I’ll be happy when…” is dangerous to my spirit.

I can find pure and true contentment in my current situation.

I will find pure and true contentment in my current situation.

I have to find peace in my life, whether I get all the things I want- or not.

Hello? I named a ministry/blog after this desire for heaven’s sake. I WILL find joy in the journey!

Things with God take longer than we thought they were going to. They’re a little bit harder than we thought they were going to be. But His timing is perfect and I must be willing to wait with joy.



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