Less of More

I was in the middle of making my list when the baby woke up… my first thought was “Bah, so obnoxious- I just want to finish this.”

No, no, NO! If my people start to feel more like a burden than a blessing IM DOING IT ALL WRONG.

2018- this year I just want less.

less fast … more slow

less rush … more savor

less heavy … more light

less noise … more quiet

less complication … more simplicity

less aimless … more intentional

less time management … more margin

less chaos … more peace

less to-do lists … more people-to-connect-with lists

less world … more God

less structure … more creativity

less condemnation … more grace

less hustle … more rest

less force … more delight

less worry … more prayer

less now … more patience

less consumption … more generous giving

less escape … more presence

less stuff … more experience

less indifference … more passion

less pride … more vulnerability

less quick meals … more slow-cooked and dinner table lingering

less grind … more restoration

less accomplishments … more connection

less taking for granted … more gratitude

less all over the place … more rooted

less legalism … more Jesus

less unmanageable … more livable

less band-aids … more healing

less dread … more contentment

less coffee … more sleep

less fear … more boldness

less flimsy … more grounded

less TV … more music

less expectations … more adaptability

less impulse … more wisdom

less irresponsible indulgence … more self control

less timidity … more bravery

less anxiousness … more serenity

less fragmented … more attached

less multi-tasking … more mindfulness

less frantic … more calm

less luke-warm … more fiery hot

less efficiency … more appreciation

less receiving … more serving

less distraction … more awake

less molded and manufactured … more dreams and ideas

less high-speed chase … more Sunday stroll

less control … more trust and faith

less exhausted … more refreshed

less obligations … more imagination

less rigid … more interruptible

less carnal pleasure … more spirit led joy

less all-day every-day … more sabbath

less numbing … more feeling deeply

less empty heart places … more living water

less depleted … more soul filling

less stiff and fixed … more accommodating

less my house is too messy … more imperfect hospitality

less too-busy … more devoted

less selfishness … more worship

less of more … more of less


Today I am stressed and weary. This holiday season has had me constantly moving yet always behind. My focus is all blurry and the more I chase after the things of this world that feel so important, the more defeated I become. The more I hurry, the further behind I fall.

We are staying home for Christmas and I am praying for the precious days ahead. That my pace is intentionally simple and slow, that my thoughts are filled with gratitude, that my focus is properly adjusted, that my daily choices begin to align with my desired outcomes, and that my eyes become wide open- that I would renew my intense passion for the things that matter most- for Jesus, for these four treasured faces I have been given to live life with, for the sweet kids that come through my door day in and day out, for my close friends and family, and for my community, small and large.

I am praying for peace and joy. Not just the kind you paste on a card cause it sounds right- real peace, and real joy- the kind this world cannot provide, but that can be given by He who came to us as a baby- all human, yet all God.

I pray peace and joy over your lives as well. If you are weary and in need of rest, you’ll never find a better source than the Savior born on Christmas Day- physical rest, yes, but the more important soul rest- a heart at peace and filled with joy.

Merry Christmas friends and family! May your days ahead be merry and bright and filled with love!