Today I am stressed and weary. This holiday season has had me constantly moving yet always behind. My focus is all blurry and the more I chase after the things of this world that feel so important, the more defeated I become. The more I hurry, the further behind I fall.

We are staying home for Christmas and I am praying for the precious days ahead. That my pace is intentionally simple and slow, that my thoughts are filled with gratitude, that my focus is properly adjusted, that my daily choices begin to align with my desired outcomes, and that my eyes become wide open- that I would renew my intense passion for the things that matter most- for Jesus, for these four treasured faces I have been given to live life with, for the sweet kids that come through my door day in and day out, for my close friends and family, and for my community, small and large.

I am praying for peace and joy. Not just the kind you paste on a card cause it sounds right- real peace, and real joy- the kind this world cannot provide, but that can be given by He who came to us as a baby- all human, yet all God.

I pray peace and joy over your lives as well. If you are weary and in need of rest, you’ll never find a better source than the Savior born on Christmas Day- physical rest, yes, but the more important soul rest- a heart at peace and filled with joy.

Merry Christmas friends and family! May your days ahead be merry and bright and filled with love!

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